Plant of the Month for December 2019

Muscari pallens

Description and General Information:

This bulb is more correctly known today as Pseudomuscari pallens.  It is native to the Caucasus Mountains where it grows in the subalpine or alpine zone, on grassy or stony slopes.  The scapes reach 8-12 cm tall.  The leaves are narrow and somewhat grass-like. The flowers are pale ice-blue, produced in typical grape-hyacinth spikes.


This bulb is easy to grow in any sunny, well-drained site.  Allow foliage to die down naturally.  It is rated hardy to zone 4.

Bloom Period:

May in the wild; April in warmer zones but as late as June is colder regions.


Seeds, division


Fresh seed is best; sow in fall, leaving outdoors for the winter as the seeds reqyuire startification.


Large clumps may be dug as the foliage dies down, then divided.





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