Plant of the Month for December 2014

Genista sagittalis

Description and General Information:

Genista sagittalis is commonly known as winged broom.  It is native to dry grasslands, open forests, hillsides and mountain slopes from central Belgium south to southern Spain and east through the Balkans to Greece.

Plants are woody with stems that remain green year-round.  It forms a low matted shrub  to 1 meter across with somewhat upright stems to 15 cm.  Yellow pea-like flowers are produced in narrow terminal spikes.


Genista sagittalis requires full sun and a very well-drained soil.  In the wild, it often grow on limestone but in cultivation, it is not too particular about soil pH as long as it is not too acidic. The species is hardy from zones 4 through 8.

Blooming Period:

April in the south to July in the north.


Seeds, cuttings


Seeds may be direct sown at 70 F.  They are best scarified and soaked for 24 hours prior to sowing.  This species resents transplanting so while plants are still young, place them in their permanent location.


Not practiced.


Tip cuttings about 3-6 cm may be taken in mid-summer and rooted in a mist chamber or shaded frame.


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