Plant of the Month for September 2014

Eurybia siberica

Description and General Information:

Eurybia siberica (formerly known as Aster sibericus) is a sub-arctic to sub-alpine species distributed from Norway, across northern Russia and into North America where it grows from Alaska to Idaho and Montana.  Plants grow from sea-level in the sub-arctic to 2200m in the Rockies.

In the wild, this aster grows in open sunny sites on sandy or gravelly soils.  It may reach to 60 cm but more commonly is under 30 cm.  Purple flowers are produced solitary or in clusters with up to 30 flowers.  Plants form slowly-spreading clumps as new shoots are produced at the ends of subterranean rhizomes.



This species requires full sun and well-drained soil.  It is considered hardy through zone 2.

Blooming Period:

July through September


Seeds, division


Seeds may be direct sown at 70 F.  They require light for germination.


Dig plants in early spring and separate into individual rhizomes or divide large clumps into smaller.


No commonly practiced.


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