Plant of the Month for April 2010

Erigeron aureus

Description and general information

This species goes by the common name of golden fleabane. Plants are somewhat tufted and reach 10-15 cm. Each plant will produce multiple flower stems, each topped in a single 2-3 cm diameter flower. Plants are semi-evergreen.

Golden fleabane is native to the Alberta, British Columbia and Washington State, growing along rocky slopes, crevices and talus beds at an elevation of 1600-2700 m.

'Canary Bird', photographed above, is perhaps the most popular selection in the trade.


Full sun with well-drained soil is suggested. Plants do not seem fussy in regards to soil pH.

Bloom period

In cooler, more northern regions, this species begins to bloom in early June and can re-bloom throughout the summer and into early fall. In the wild, the blooming season is comparable. In warmer areas, the blooming season may commence in April.


Seed or division


Seeds do not require stratification. Simply sow at about 20 C and seeds should germinate in a few weeks.


Larger plants may be dug and divided in spring


Not generally practiced

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