Plant of the Month for November 2018

Clematis marmoraria

General Description:

This dwarf shublet clematis is endemic to two sites in Kahurangi National Park near Nelson, New Zealnd, where it grows on subalpine and alpine marble scree. Plants have a mat-like habit with evergreen parsley-like foliage and panicles of creamy-white 2-3 cm diameter flowers on 5-10 cm stems.  Plants are dioecious with seperate male and female plants.  Female floweers are slightly smaller than the males. In the wild, it blooms November and December.


This species prefers alkaline pH and a gritty, well-drained site in full sun.  It is rated hardy in zones 7-10.  It is well worth growing as a pot plant overwintered in a cool but frost-free greenhouse in areas north of zone 7.

Blooming Season:

In the wild it blooms November to December but in the northern hemisphere, April and May.


Seeds; possibly cuttings


Not generally practiced.


Seeds must be fresh. Grow them cool 5-15 C


Some sites suggest cuttings as an option but no details are available.


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