Plant of the Month for Nov 2021

Cistus albanicus

Description and General Information:

Cistus albanicus is also known as C. sintensii or Albanian Rockrose.  As the common name suggests, this species is native to Albania, specifically the central region.  It is a sub-shrub, growing from 10-30 centimeters. The evergreen foliage is opposite, grey-green and fuzzy to the touch.  In late spring to early summer, the plants produce rounded 3-4 centimeter diameter flowers which are brilliant white with yellow at the base of each of the five petals.


Typical of the genus Cistus, this species prefers full sun and excellent drainage, performing best under scree conditions,.  Winter-wet is particularly harmful.  Once established, it is quite drought-tolerant.  It is among the hardiest Cistus, rated hardy to zone 6

Blooming Season:

May to July


Propagation may be achieved via seed or cuttings.  Seeds germinate best when fresh.  They do not require a stratification period.  Simply sow at 20 C and germination should commence within a few weeks.  Semi-ripe cuttings of non-flowering stems may be taken after blooming, generally mid-late summer.  Being a small species, the cuttings may be only 5-6 cm long. Remove the lower leaves, retaining 2-3 pairs at the tip. Dip the cut end in #1 or #2 rooting hormone and plant them in a 50-50 mix of peat and sand.  Place them within a plastic bag and position them in a shady location.  They should root within a few weeks.  

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