Plant of the Month for October 2011

Campanula zangezura

Description and general information

This species was formerly known as Symphyandra zangezura. It is a short-lived perennial (usually monocarpic) native from the Caucasus to northwestern Iran. Plants form a leafy rosette which may grow for several years before it commences flowering. The leaves are rounded to kidney-shaped with coarsely serrated margins and softly hairy. Flower stems reach about 25 cm and produce a bushy clump of stems adorned with numerous pendant pale lavender-blue bells. The lobes of the flowers curl back, adding to the elegance of the flowers.


This bellflower prefers full sun and a well-drained soil.

Bloom period

This bellflower commences flowering in May in warmer regions but may not start until July further north. They flower over many weeks, much longer than many other alpine bellflowers.


Seed is the only way to propagate this tap-rooted species. Plants will often gently self-seed on their own.


Surface sow at 20 C. If no germination within 4 weeks, provide them with 6 weeks of 4 C.


Not possible due to its tap-root and often monocarpic nature.


Not practiced.

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