Plant of the Month for January 2017

Campanula alpina

Description and General Information:

This bellflower is native to the eastern Alps, Carpathians and Balkans, growing in alpine meadows at an elevation of 1250-2000m.  While reputed to be perennial, plants generally behave as a biennial in cultivation.  In the first season, it produces a rosette of narrow, deep green, slightly hairy leaves.  When it blooms, stems reach to 10-15 cm, topped with a raceme of nodding, 1.5-2 cm, mid to dark blue, hairy bells.


This bellflower requires full sun, a well-drained site and soil that is on the acidic side. It hardy to at least zone 5.

Blooming Season:

In the wild, plants bloom May and June.  In cultivation, it may bloom anytime from May in milder areas to August in cooler, coastal regions.




Sow at 20 C; germination should occur within 6 weeks; if not, try giving them 8 weeks of stratification.


Plants are tap-rooted and usually monocarpic so division is not an option.



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