Plant of the Month for March 2019

Asperula daphneola


Asperula daphneola is native to high elevation screes of Mount Nif, Turkey, growing at elevations of about 1500m. Plants have a mat-like habit 5-8 cm tall.  The narrow, linear leaves are grey-green, hairy and about 1 cm in length.  In June and July plants are smothered in scented shell-pink, funnel-shaped flowers that are up to 1 cm long.


This species of Asperula requires full sun, excellent drainage, especially in winter, and alkaline soil.  It is best grown under scree conditions, raised beds, an alpine house or trough.  It is hardy to zone 4.

Blooming Season:

This Asperula blooms as early as April in southern areas or as late as July in northern.


Cuttings, seeds




Sow at 20 C.  If seeds do not germinate within 6 weeks, expose them to 6 weeks below 4 C.


Cuttings of non-flowering shoots may be taken after flowering.

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