Plant of the Month for July 2017

Asperula boissierii

Description and General Information:

This Asperula species forms a low cushion of small, narrow, evergreen leaves with a distinct blue-grey tint.  Plants can eventually reach 30 cm or more across.  In early summer, plants are covered in stemless, light pink flowers that sit atop the foliage.  It is native to scree slopes and rocky cliffs among the limestone mountains of southern Greece.


This species requires full sun and exceptional winter drainage.  Hailing from limestone regions, it prefers alkaline soil.  It is difficult to grow in the open rockery and does better in tufa gardens and troughs.  It is hardy to zone 3.


Seeds, cuttings


Direct sow at 20 C. Surface-sow as seeds require light for germination.


Cuttings may be taken after flowering and will root in a few weeks.



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