Plant of the Month for May 2018

Aquilegia buergeriana 'Calimero'

Description and General Information:

The cultivar 'Calimero' is a dwarf version of the regular species, reaching about 20 cm.  The typical columbine-foliage is light-green. The flowers are wine-purple with a central primrose-yellow corolla.  If isolated, it will come true from seed.


This columbine grows best in full sun and average garden soil that is not too dry.  In hotter regions, some afternoon shade is appreciated.  It is not fussy about the soil pH. Plants are short-lived so seed should be collected on a regular basis or, alternatively, allow some seeds to fall to keep the plants going.

Blooming Season:

April in the south to July in the north.


Propagation is by seed.


Fresh seed germinates best; direct sow at 20 C. However, seeds respond well to stratification for 4 weeks, germinating very freely.