Rocky Mountain Rare Plants

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Peter George
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Rocky Mountain Rare Plants

Just thought I'd mention that this is their last catalog, and that you can only buy until 12/26. Then it's 'poof,' gone, another quality rock garden essential disappearing forever. I guess it's part of the makeup of a business based on a hobby rather than one based on a business plan to close when the hobby became too much work, but it hurts nonetheless.

Mark McD
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Yes, another fine resource closing their doors... too bad.  It seems that their final catalog is much smaller than normal, certainly seems like a closeout :'(

I also like to reference the photos on the site, but in this year's web site, clicking on the Pictures gallery there seems to be some HTML coding problem whereby only some of the alphabetically listed links are available, they're heading beneath another part of the page.  I'll send them an email to let them know.

Update:  I emailed Bob Skowron and he fixed the problem with the Pictures gallery.

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It's very sad that they're shutting up shop but they have been doing it for awhile and everyone deserves a break!I've already received the seeds I'd ordered and look forward to sowing them soon.cheersfermi

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