Penstemon leonardii var. higginsii

Submitted by Weiser on

Penstemon leonardii is a Penstemon found through central Utah. I grow Penstemon leonardii var. higginsii in my garden. This variety is found in the Southwestern corner Utah barely crossing over the borders of Nevada and Arizona. This ten inch (25cm) tall Penstemon sports, 1/2 inch lavender/pink flowers on a multitude of thin upright stems.


Submitted by Swick on Thu, 07/30/2020 - 11:42

I planted seed of this one in March. Never having grown it before, I'm not sure what the seedlings look like, since sometimes they appear different than the mature plant. What does the basal part look like on your plant without the flowering stems? I'm not sure if my seed pot really has P. leonardii or some seed that blew in with the wind. Anchorage, Alaska, ever getting warmer, maybe zone 4 these days.