Unknown plant in Bugaboo Provincial Park, B.C.

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Can anyone identify this plant?  Photo was taken on August 4, 2016 in or close to Bugaboo Provincial Park in British Columbia, Canada.  Location: above tree line, 7,000 to 8,000 feet.

My own tentative guess was some species of Chaenactis.

Alex Maksymowicz

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Submitted by Maksymowicz on Sat, 04/22/2017 - 23:43

Thanks for identifying my mystery plant as Erigeron compositus var. discoideus.  In case you are interested, according to the e-flora of British Columbia, this name is now a synonym for Erigeron compositus Pursh.  The description for Erigeron compositus Pursh in the latest Jepson Manual (Vascular Plants of California) states that this species can have both radiate and disciform flowers.  Let's hear it for the lumpers!

Alex Maksymowicz, Medford, Oregon

Thanks Lori & Alex, you two beat me to it, I had done some research on Erigeron compositus var. discoideus after seeing this ID request, and much to my surprise found that  all compositus varieties are now lumped into the primary species. It was getting very late at night so I decided to come back to NARGS to give my input. Panayoti Keleidis shows a good pic in one of his Prairie Blog posts, but I found a really good pic on e-Flora of British Columbia.

PS: do not try using the Paste URL tool on this forum, at least not in Internet Explorer, it presents a non-functional dialog box that CANNOT be dismissed, thus no way to finish the post. Had to rewrite my message then try again using Chrome, in Chrome it complains about the Paste operation (and not having privileges to post, which is absurd) but it finally allowed me to paste.