Seed Exchange 2017??

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I don't mean to rush anybody, but I was just wondering when the seed exchange is starting this year.  I've searched on and off for the last couple weeks to find the date, but everything has been quiet on the web site.  Does anyone have any info?


Chris Wyse


Submitted by HeLP on Thu, 12/08/2016 - 02:35

Dec. 15 as always although there always seems to be a delay due to web issues.  You can find all this information easliy on the home page of NARGS under the SEEDEX tab-time to get your wish list ready

This is what I see on the Seed Exchange page:

Seed Exchange

The 2015-2016 Seed Exchange ENDED March 20th.

Do you see something different?  Here's the URL:

I don't see references to this year's exchange anywhere, or any way to start getting a list together. 


Just completed my order as well, worked brilliantly so far as selecting 1st choices, second choices, and preferred second choices. The only snag I hit was with the order form, which didn't seem to like it when I typed a space for my user name (which is: Mark McD); when I enter the space between the two parts of my name, it would throw up some long Drupal error. Was able to get around that by opening another browser session to NARGS Forum, then under my profile, I highlight my user name Mark McD and copied and pasted it in, then oddly enough it was happy.

I tried to pay as instructed with PayPal and my credit card.  The only option given was to create a PayPal account before payment could be completed.  This is contrary to instructions on the seed exchange website.  So it's back to the old-fashioned snail mail check for me.  That's not my preference, but creating yet another online account is something I do not want to pursue.


Hi Claire-had the same experience forcing opening of PayPal account.  Really don't like PayPal but it must make it easier for NARGS to process orders.  Perhaps is just a glitch in the program.  Maybe the website folks can sort this out for next year.  Also had trouble viewing my order later on and got some rather arcane instructions from Laura to access it that worked fine-involved accessing the user profile and opening the orders tab.

I should add to the commentary about Paypal, I too was forced to use that option, my PayPal account hadn't been used for a long time, so I had to update it and add my newer debit card number, about half hour fiddling with all that, finally got the order to go through. I do like the fact one can log into NARGS and one's own profile, look at Orders, to re-access the seed order to see exactly what' been ordered, plus one's 2nd choices and "preferred" 2nd choices.

To summarize, the seed selection process itself is brilliant, it's the order form snag (I hit a glitch with it not liking a username with a blank space in it) and the checkout/PayPal issue, in my case it was not neessarily a NARGS issue, it was just that my PayPal password & card info was expired and had to be updated.

The issue of not allowing a credit card on the PayPal screen is a known PayPal bug.   I ran into it on another club's website and eventually contacted PayPal about it.  I guess PayPal is is no hurry to fix it!

Submitted by IMYoung on Tue, 12/27/2016 - 10:04

I know there are options to how one uses paypal in most instances - the first one given is always to use a paypal account - naturally enough - but there are also choices to use a credit card  with it  - that is how the Scottish Rock Garden Club system works for  making donations or taking out a postal subscription.