Trollius laxus--looking for growing conditions

Submitted by RPavlis on

Received seed from ORGS Seedex 2013-2014. Gave them 4 months at 20C with no germination, followed by 5 months at 5C. Started to germinate in cold. Potted up as they geminated in baggy method. Seem to be doing well, but have not made true leaves yet.

1) How wet do you keep the seedlings?

2) How wet do they need to be in the garden?


Submitted by Lori S. on Tue, 12/23/2014 - 11:04

I haven't grown it from seed but I rather doubt the seedlings would want conditions any different from most others... in other words, evenly moist (i.e, not sopping, and don't let the pots dry out) would likely do.

Trollius laxus is a very easy plant here, and doesn't require particularly moist conditions.  We get 16" of annual precipitation (much of which sublimates during the winter or runs off while the ground is still frozen) and pH is 8, yet it's extremely accommodating, hardy and very long-blooming here.  I hope it is as unfussy there.  Great plant!

The first few germinated seeds did not grow well--no idea why. the next 7 or so are doing well and have second leaves. Once they get going they don't seem to be difficult in normal seedling mix.