Wall Gardens

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Large wall gardens (Madrid + London) on Huffington Post (.com)


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I would not have thought a hot, dry climate, like that I would imagine to exist in Madrid (?), would allow this type of gardening.  I wonder what sort of a watering system is used?

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Thanks for sharing links. I think creating a lush, diverse and strikingly beautiful vertical garden or green wall remains healthy and successful for years is a step-by-step process. Living walls or green walls are self-sufficient vertical gardens that are attached to the exterior or interior of a building. The plants receive water and nutrients from within the vertical support instead from the ground. A well-planned green walls can even cost you more money.

I recall driving a well-known rock gardener from Europe around Denver, and at one point we stopped at the now-defunct Englewood Garden Center (where one of the salespeople tried to sell him a Wall O'Water, but never mind that). On the south side of the greenhouse there was an enormous, ancient swamp-cooler-type affair where water trickled down the wall behind a layer of pervious material (thus cooling the greenhouse), and my guest was fascinated by this contraption, since it seemed to be the ancestor of the method of supplying water to vertical gardens, including walls of tufa.

"I must have a slide of this", he said. 

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Sweet. I want to incorporate this into a waterfall/water feature in my backyard. Our city has limits on how high you can build a fence perhaps I'll grow some bushes at the top of it ;).