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Hi all,

For some years now, I've maintained an online resource for gardeners, which I unimaginatively call PlantLinks - at . It is essentially a directory of links to web pages of possible interest to gardeners, arranged by botanical taxonomy and searchable with simple queries. It is rather hidden, so I am quite certain that I am by far the most frequent user of the resource. I like it because the search engines aren't necessarily very good at bringing up the most useful resources - it's good to find links to a select few decent websites in a blink rather than wading through links of questionable quality. Some of you may have seen the interface I built to simplify the seedex selection process, at ; a similar interface for the HPS/MAG exchange is at This is how I tend to use it: not as a stand-alone resource, but to enhance other web experiences.

Recently, I've spent some time refreshing all the links, and incorporating a few new websites in the list of sources. I also weeded out a bunch of misspelled taxa, so it should be more consistent now. With all the work I've put into the resource, I would like for it to be useful to a wider swath of users than just myself :-).  So I would appreciate your feedback as to how to make it more useful or usable, other features that you'd look for, and ideas for additional external web sources to include in the index (I already have a short-list of these that I'll be working on as I find time).

By the way, the one and only species/genus for which I include a page but which I can't find any taxonomical information for is from the pages on this website: what the heck is "Oreopsis glacialis" (

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and ideas!



Submitted by Mark McD on Sat, 07/19/2014 - 15:26

There is no genus "Oreopsis", it's most likely a misspelling for Oreopolus glacialis.

Submitted by Hoy on Sat, 07/19/2014 - 15:44

Rob, Mark is right. The picture show Oreopolus glacialis, a rather common alpine plant in South America (at least in Argentina).

Here's a picture I took Nov 2013 i Neuquen, Argentina.

Oreopolus glacialis

Submitted by Broekhuis on Sat, 07/19/2014 - 17:02

Thanks for setting me straight on the C-less Coreopsis. Now fixed. On a slightly related note - if the webmaster responsible for the image galleries is interested, I maintain a record of what I consider to be misspellings for each of the link sources, to aid in future refreshes of the data. The image galleries have quite a few misspelled entries; I'd be happy to share the typo list, or help with updating the database.