Alpines in June 2014

Submitted by Lori S. on Sun, 06/01/2014 - 18:47

I just realized it's June (how'd that happen?) so I've split this off from the May thread.

Phlox hendersonii (x2); Draba rigida:



Aubrieta 'Blue Indigo';  alpine Potentilla seedlings:


A Saxifraga known only as 'FJK3'; Eritrichium pauciflorum ssp. sajanense and a self-sown colour variant:


Pulsatilla ambigua/turczaninovii (x2);  Androsace chamaejasme:


My supposed Pulsatilla patens v. flavescens seedling (I wonder about the identity because it puts out leaves before flowering unlike our native P. patens)  Acck, just realized today that t's actually Pulsatilla albana ssp. lutea.... which makes sense!; unusual flower form of P. vulgaris:


Erigeron montanensis, just purchased from Beaver Creek and planted:


Edit:  I reloaded the pictures that were lost when I split this off into a new thread.



Submitted by Hoy on Sun, 06/01/2014 - 11:50

Lori, you grow an amazing amount of beautiful and different plants!

So do you, Trond!!  Thank you!

A few more...

Eremostachys speciosa (x2), setting up to bloom; Ranunculus parnassifolius - I've finally learned that the place for these is the rock garden!; Campanula tridentata:


Another pic of Pyrethrum leontopodium... just 'cause I really like it!; Dianthus scardicus setting up to bloom; lots of buds on Silene bolanthoides:



Penstemon humilis v. brevifolius; Rhodiola rosea; a form of Penstemon procerus (or so I assume - guess I should try to key it out):


Buds on Carduncellus pinnatus (with an immature rhizomatous offset to the upper left - the rosettes do have to be a few years old before the incised leaf form develops); Plantago urvillei; Calceolaria biflora; Arenaria pseudoacantholimon (one plant looking a bit yellowish):


More Lupinus lepidus v. utahensis; Rhododendron mucronulatum 'Crater's Edge'; Alyssum sp., seed collected by M. Pavelka at Tahtali Dag, Turkey:


Potentilla nivea, Mt. Kirigishi form:

Submitted by RickR on Fri, 06/06/2014 - 07:17

Your diversity never ceases to amaze, Lori!


That never would have occurred to me about a young Carduncellus.  I suppose that happens with other species of the genus?

Well, I try!  :-)

I'm afraid I can't answer your question as Carduncellus pinnatus is the only one I have.  I ordered Carduncellus rhaponticoides from the SRGC seedex but, unfortunately, only got fluff in the packet, no actual seed.

Here are some slightly more mature rosettes of Carduncellus pinnatus (amongst Sempervivum) - you can see the leaf dissection starting:

A few more things: 

Gentiana verna still in bloom; another shot of Erigeron compositus v. discoideus; Rheum delavayi from Holubec seed in 2012 - still not ready to bloom!; Eremostachys speciosa starting to bloom - I love these things!!


Arenaria kansuensis - this is an excellent plant!; Dianthus scardicus; Coronilla vaginalis; Erigeron pinnatisectus out along the sidewalk: 


And what was supposed to be Synthyris pinnatifida v.canescens has turned out to be Phacelia sericea!  Still a very nice plant, to be sure, but I'm a little disappointed as Phacelia sericea never lasts more than a couple of years for me.  I must remember not to weed so vigilantly around it - perhaps I'll get some seedlings.


Submitted by Cockcroft on Sat, 06/07/2014 - 10:52

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Marvelous plants, Lori -- ones that in my wet climate I can only dream about!  Thank you for sharing.

Thanks, Claire!  I only wish more people would participate!

Globularia cordifolia; a sickly-looking Cryptantha caespitosa in its first bloom after wintering over; Aethionema schistosum and Androsace villosa jacquemontii(? maybe?):


Edraianthus niveus, and with Pyrethrum leontopodium and Aubrieta caucasica


Geum alpinum 'Beech House Apricot'; Eremostachys speciosa (x3):


Plantago urvillei;  Calceolaria bilfora;  Penstemon pumilus seedling; Erigeron linearis:


A couple of Silene bolanthoides, one variably pinkish and the other more of an off-white; another Aubrieta caucasica, this one with a white eye:


One measly flower on Eriogonum umbellatum var. smallianum; another Ranunculus parnassifolius; Potentilla porphyrantha


Penstemon x 'Pink Holly' and Dianthus; Androsace septentrionalis, looking much different than it does in the mountains; Clematis scottii, first flower in 7 years!! (Who says I'm not patient?!?); Asperula daphneola, planted this year: 


[quote=Lori S.]

Clematis scottii, first flower in 7 years!! (Who says I'm not patient?!?)


That's right......  you do!  My supposed Polygataum verticillatum bloomed for the first time after six years, and that was from a plant in an 8 inch pot.  And I missed it them!  (Or else they were blooming and I thought they were still buds.)

So much stuff, Lori!  Gems, (almost) every one of them.  And talk about giving it all, gosh, that Penstemon pumilus seedling is glorious.

Submitted by Lori S. on Fri, 06/13/2014 - 20:51

In reply to by RickR

A couple more shots of Silene bolanthoides; Eriogonum umbellatum:


Oxytropis viscida (x2); Campanula alpestris; Iris timofejewii reduced to 2 flowers this year (not that it was growing by leaps and bounds prior to this either):



Marvelous plants, Lori -- ones that in my wet climate I can only dream about!  Thank you for sharing.



Well, Claire, you grow a lot of plants yourself that I can only dream about! (I dream about Loris plants also of course!)

Some from my newly planted rockery. Most of the plants are still tiny - and struggling very much in this hot and dry weather! (Hot and dry by our standards that is!)

A Campanula I've had in a pot since last spring - and lost the label of curse!   Lewisia pygmaea



Maihuenia poeppigii seedlings - hopfully they'll bloom like this in a few years! (From Argentina)



A Sedum from seed

Yes, I envy Claire's wonderful plants too! 

Wow, the rock garden is looking great, Trond!  i would like to see a lot more of it.  You must be really proud of the cacti seedlings.

Patrinia sibirica; Androsace and Aethionema schistosum; Genista cf. depressa:


Potentilla divina, in bud; Aethionema glaucescens:


[quote=Lori S.]

Yes, I envy Claire's wonderful plants too! 

Wow, the rock garden is looking great, Trond!  i would like to see a lot more of it.  You must be really proud of the cacti seedlings.




Thanks Lori, but it is still a lot of details to work on! And the very dry and sunny weather we have and have had for quite a time (the spring mean temperature was about 3C higher than usual and last spring was the warmest ever recorded for Norway) makes it difficult to plant anything now.

Yes, I was very satisfied when the cactus seeds germinated (outside) and the seedlings seem to enjoy the weather(!) but it remains to be seen whether they will be that happy with the winter weather!

I think I will try some of the plants you have shown but it is very difficult to choosewink

I still have some Saxifraga seedlings waiting but they are small and I don't dare planting them now.

Here are some others thriving in the sun:

Delosperma or something like that.



Campanula pulla (on the right side is a seepage line which makes a moisture gradient from the bottom of the "valley" to the "hills" on both sides)


Mimulus glabratus at the water edge

Really beautiful, Trond!  I envy the running water feature.

Campanula stevenii v. turczaninovii, kind of big but i like the almost black buds and white calyces:


More yet of Silene bolanthoides - these things are outdoing themselves this year:


Lagopsis marrubiastrum, looking weird; it's surprisingly slow growing (and tiny) but finally has a side shoot developing; Androsace fedtschenkoi, from seed this winter - kind of cute; Erigeron linearis finally showing some petals (I was starting to wonder): 


Carduncellus pinnatus in bud; Townsendia parryi and an oddly coloured Semp rosette (oh, and that is a dandelion in the trough... just experimenting to see if our native alpine Taraxacum ceratophorum(?) is worth growing - probably not!); Aquilegia laramiensis:


Heuchera hallii (and Rhodiola roseum); same Dianthus I showed previously, looking more floriferous now; Myosotis decumbens:


Thymus neiceffii; ant's eye view of a weird landscape of Sempervivum 'Oddity'; Patrinia siberica:


Campanula tridentata(?); update on Genista cf. depressa; Marrubium lutescens has suddenly exploded into bloom this year:


Edraianthus vesovicii; Aubrieta canescens; Campanula saxifraga:


A plant I got labelled as Aconitum sp. ex. DaXue Shan from Beaver Creek years ago - it has very interesting flowers, and I should try to key it out; Penstemon albertinus:



Seems you like blues, Lori! And all in good growth also.

I struggle to keep the plants in my rockery alive these days. The very dry, sunny  and windy weather suck all the moisture from the soil. Even the water seeping through the bottom of it isn't enough. I have to refill several gallons every other day. It is not as warm as it was but much drier (if possible) than it was. This kind of weather has lasted for a couple of months now and it seems to be no end to it either.


A new one from Beaver Creek this spring, Dracocephalum aucheri - the stem at the back is getting very furry- EDIT:  Oops, this has turned into another Lagopsis marrubiastrum, undeniably better grown than the ones I already have! :

Saxifraga 'Sieberi' bought from Wrightman's this spring:

Intricate meshwork of hairs on Centaurea paralica, bought from Beaver Creek this spring:

Lagopsis marrubiastrum, now in bloom... yep, those little yellow things peeping out of the fur are the flowers.  The whole thing is about 3 inches tall.  A puzzling plant.  ;-)

Submitted by RickR on Mon, 06/23/2014 - 07:12

"Intricate meshwork of hairs on Centaurea paralica"


And they all originate from the top center!

Marrubium lutescens; Ajuga lupulina (x2); Silene falcata:


Aethionema glaucescens; Saxifraga x longifolia; Hypericum aviculariifolium ssp. uniflorum:


Asyneuma limonifolium; Salvia tchihatcheffii; Lychnis alpina 'Kugelblitz':


Potentilla divina;  Telesonix jamesii v. heucheriformis; Androsace limprichtii: 


Arenaria hookeri ssp. desertorum: