Need pictures for seed starting workshop

Submitted by Jeddeloh on

Our local Hardy Plant Society has asked me to do a workshop on seed starting this August. Apparently word has gotten around that I'm a something of a seedaholic. I guess my overstuffed greenhouse is evidence of that. This of course, is an excellent opportunity to sell NARGS (want seed of all kinds of weird and unusual plants? Join NARGS!). I intend to pitch NARGS to the max from my bully pulpit.

I've starting taking pictures of what I do and how I do it but I could use pictures of other folk's methods. I'm particularly interested in pictures of indoor light setups and ways of covering plants outside that don't involve lots of money and work. We all know greenhouses and alpine houses will do the job but they're neither cheap nor easy. In Western Oregon the biggest issue is rain protection rather than cold.

So if you have creative or cheap light setups or outdoor cover solutions I love to have a picture I could use in my presentation. I'll give you credit (Photo courtesy of "Fanatical Plant Nut"). Please email them to me at [email protected].

Of course it might be nice to also post them so we can all have the benefit of your wisdom and creativity.