1000 NARGS Forum members

Submitted by Hoy on

Shouldn't we celebrate member no 1000? Who was the lucky guy?


Submitted by Mark McD on Sat, 01/12/2013 - 09:10

As of today, 1/12/2013, he number of NARGS Forum members stands at 2733.  It should be noted that every person who joins NARGS.ORG automatically gets a NARGS Forum login account, whether or not they actually participate or not.  But even so, I hear you Roland, I wish more people would participate in discussions here, given the large membership count.

Submitted by Hoy on Mon, 01/14/2013 - 13:01

Then what does the number "Total members 1027" in the lower right corner count? Members actually participating here?

Submitted by Mark McD on Mon, 01/14/2013 - 18:46

I was looking at the ADMIN side of side of membership registration, where all registration requests are sequentially numbered as "registrants", but since some of those are deemed to be spam and get rejected, it's not the true membership count.  So the number in the lower right of the home forum page that you mentioned, is the correct "actual" membership.  Back on the ADMIN side of things, their membership number remains numbered based on the higher registration count, not the actual approved registration account.  Sorry about the confusion.