Wanted Micro Rhododendron Species

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Wanted Micro Rhododendron Species

Does anyone know of any sources for Rhododendron calsotrotum varietiants, or R. forestii, R. imperator or R. saluense? and a source that will mail plants? I knew of a source and had purchased some a few years back, but they no longer ship plants.

Thanks,Ryan Pinole, CA

Mark McD
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Hello Ryan, welcome to the NARGS Forum. My garden is rather exposed and dry so not condusive to Rhododendrons, but in the past I used to belong to the American Rhododendron Society and purchase rhodies (via group order) from Greer Gardens.  They still have a current web nursery list, and all those species that you mention are available there:


Mark McDonough Massachusetts, USA, near the New Hampshire border USDA Zone 5 antennaria at aol.com  

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Thanks Mark.  That looks like a good source.


Diane Whitehead
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Hi Ryan,

The only California rhodo nursery I have shopped at is Singing Tree in McKinleyville.

The plants I was interested in were their scented ones, so I don't know about the ones you mentioned, but they have a website so you can check.

Diane WhiteheadVictoria BC

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Whitney Gardens (www.whitneygardens.com)offers Rh. calostrotum, Rh. forrestii and quite a few other low growing Rhoodendrons. They ship.And do not forget the Rhododendron Species Foundation  (in Federal Way, WA).

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This might be useful


They seem to have some of what you're looking for. Good luck !

Malcolm McGregor Global Moderator/NARGS Editor East Yorkshire, UK

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