Gladiolus 2011

Submitted by RickR on

I have been growing this hardy glad here in zone 4 for 13 years, and flowers have never looked better. This year, I actually snapped some worthy photos of this quite unphotogenic plant.

Gladiolus atroviolaceus

One spike just opening, another with fully developed flowers.

The very small bulbs (shown with an American quarter) pull themselves down 8-10 inches below the surface and seem quite happy there, even in the rich clay soil they live in.


Submitted by WimB on Fri, 09/09/2011 - 00:12

A couple of hardy Gladiolus which have flowered her ein the last month:

Gladiolus flanaganii
and Gladiolus papilio 'Ruby'

Submitted by bulborum on Sun, 12/11/2011 - 00:35

Hello Rick

Maybe a late reaction
But I like your Gladiolus atroviolaceus
nice colour
Do I understand in-between the lines that they are hardy ?

I just seeded over 30 different South African ones
and post some pictures next year here
from the ones I have already


Submitted by RickR on Sun, 12/11/2011 - 01:20

Yes, I should have made that clear, that G. atroviolaceus is hardy here in zone 4 in the ground, outside without protection, summer and winter.

Submitted by bulborum on Sun, 12/11/2011 - 01:23

Maybe we can swap some seeds


Submitted by RickR on Sun, 12/11/2011 - 01:38

That's a lot of species that you've planted!  Good Luck, Roland.  I have to say, my germination trials with glads hasn't been that great.  But I was pretty excited when I had a Gladiolus cuconius seed germinate this year.  It, of course, is not hardy here. :)

I don't think I got viable atroviolaceus seed this season, and I only have 3 or 4 year old seed now.  I don't know how good they would still be...
PM me if you are still interested.

Submitted by bulborum on Mon, 12/12/2011 - 00:27

To make the winter a little shorter
Here a spring picture from the real Gladiolus communis subsp. byzantinus
most of the time if you buy this one you get Gladiolus italicus
to see the difference see the second picture
on the back Gladiolus communis subsp. byzantinus
the small one in the front is Gladiolus italicus