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Our members care about studying, conserving, and cultivating some of our planet's most interesting plants, many of which are only found in our most at-risk environments. We focus on plants from many ecosystems, ranging from those found on high alpine peaks down to bogs, woodlands, and deserts.


Selected Articles From Our Quarterly Publications
Connor Smith
Having changed the windy hills of Edinburgh, Scotland, for the winding canals of Utrecht, the Netherlands, I am quickly adjusting to the new conditions at Utrecht Botanic Gardens. You may not be as familiar with the garden as others in Europe, despite it being one of the largest rock gardens in Europe at 2 hectares (almost 5 acres). I can assure you it is a treasure trove of rock gardening pleasures.
Wiert Nieuman
At an altitude of 2100 meters (6,889 ft), with a magnificent view of the glaciers of the Meije, the alpine garden of the University of Grenoble is located on the Col du Lautaret in Hautes-Alpes...
Kevin Philip Williams
IN MARCH OF 2020, I was setting stones just as the COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders were coming down across Denver. Although I jumped a bit as the cell phone emergency alert was pushed through, it...
Wolfram Kircher
PLANTING CACTI IN cold Germany? Most plant enthusiasts associate this with low-growing opuntias only. Being easy to propagate and resistant to the wet, cold, Central European winters, several species...

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A Voice Above the Linn
A Voice Above the Linn
A Voice Above the Linn by Robbie Lawrence, with poems by John Burnside Alberbury, UK: Stanley Barker, 2020. A Voice Above the Linn is remarkable. It’s not quite a garden book, though it is about a man and his garden. It’s not quite an


Helianthemum nummularium
Helianthemum nummularium
Description and General Information: Common rock-rose, Helianthemum nummularium, is native to rocky limestone areas throughout much of Europe.  Plants are evergreen with small elliptical leaves and trailing,


NARGS connects like-minded people in many ways, from our publications to exclusive events, local and national meetings, and workshops where you can learn how to cultivate these plants in unique gardens, containers and how to propagate them. NARGS lectures bring many of the world's leading botanical specialists to our members and our annual seed exchange is world renown. NARGS Tours offers extraordinary opportunities for botanizing trips lead by expert guides bringing our members face to face with the world's rarest flora and the most exotic of cultures. Our exploration and study trips have opened doors to hard-to-access botanical hotspots such as Western China, the Himalaya, and the Patagonian Andes.

Join NARGS and explore, learn and experience the real world of plants.


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