Temp Topic - view anomalies

Submitted by Mark McD on Mon, 08/16/2010 - 16:46

Hugh, I started this "temporary" topic to highlight some viewing anomalies after you made the change for Moderators. After the info is conveyed to our group, or possibly gets addressed in some fashion, then the topic can be deleted.

First of all, GOOD IDEA to make such an area, yet another step in the growth and evolution of the fledgling NARGS Forum, thanks for taking the action.

After the change, I notice some viewing oddities, and I'm not sure if it is something that goes along with elevated Moderator rights, or some other side effects of making changes. So far, I spotted 5 changes. I included screen captures of each.

1. While in a topic, the right-hand menu options appear duplicated with both short and long form for that item, so there is a "reply with quote" and a "quote" option next to it slightly askew. Same with "modify message" and "modify", etc.

2. Under the general listing of topics, the left-most column now includes text saying "No new posts" or "new posts", before there was just an icon.

3a. Under a topic, the first two columns are now blank, previously there were icons.
3b. Similarly, when looking at Show Unread Posts or Show New Replies, first 2 columns are blank, previously there were icons.

4. In My Messages, previously when there were multiple addressees, a "reply to all" option was available (notice too, the duplication of "reply to all", and "reply to all" again slightly askew). You last message is addressed to "Undisclosed Recipients", thus the "reply to all" feature does not appear, and we cannot send a group response back.

5. When I'm drafting this message, the expanded names for the emoticons and text formatting appear as text, rather than using icons.


Submitted by Mark McD on Mon, 08/16/2010 - 22:01

More issues are appearing.  But tonight at this late hour, I only include this one.  After posting a Reply to Todd Boland's topic "The Serpentine Tablelands of Newfoundland", I noticed there was no Edit button anymore to quickly make a text edit.  Instead, there is a Report to Moderator option followed by an IP address.  It seems with the changes that we just made today, many DEFAULT settings are showing themselves.  How do we get back to the better settings as we've been seeing them since February?

Submitted by HughGmail on Tue, 08/17/2010 - 08:58


Thanks for this - I have no idea what happened.  I suspect it had to do with the new header rather than the moderator function.  I will look.