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Cyclamen mirabile

Cyclamen mirable is endemic to Turkey where it grows in pine woodlands.

It is closely related to Cyclamen cilicium and C. intaminatum. It is a fall-blooming species with a delicate coconut-like fragrance.  Some selections have spectacular foliage.  It is listed hardy to zone 6 but needs to be kept very dry in summer.

Erythronium Oreganum

Fawn Lilies are native to the Pacific Northwest where they are found near streambanks of moist woodlands west of the Cascades. This photo was taken at the Cozine Creek Restoration area in McMinnville, Oregon in an ash, Willow and oak woodland.


The genus Brunnera contains only three species but only one is grown in cultivation, B. macrophylla, a native of eastern Europe. It is a member of the Borage Family, Boraginaceae, being related to such plants as borage, lungwort and Virginian bluebells. The genus was named after a 19th century Swiss botanist named Samuel Brunner.