Summer trip to Boulder Colorado

Submitted by Philippe M. on


I'm Philippe.

This summer, I and a friend will come to Colorado, in Lyons to visit a friend.

Of course, as it is the first time we're going to the USA, we plan to hike ( daily hikes) two or three times to see vegetation and plants.

Any suggestions regarding places to go there please?

It will be in august so I think we will have to hike "high" ( in altitude I mean) to see flowers.

We plan to visit rock garden too but we already which one :) ( of course!)

Many thanks for your help.

Philippe ( Southern France)




Submitted by Susan ITPH on Sun, 05/01/2016 - 21:52

You should look through the many back issues of the RGQ for ideas of where to hike. You should check the Winter 2003 issue as it has an introduction written by PK about various regions in Colorado to explore and plants that can be found there as well garden suggestions.