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Members who donate at least 5 different taxa appropriate for the seed exchange will receive donor status, which earns them 10 extra packets of seed and their order get filled first in the Main Round. 

You can find instructions on donating seed in the insert that came with your Summer issue of the Rock Garden Quarterly or on the Seed Donation Instructions page. If you receive your copies of the Quarterly digitally, then you will need to either download and print a copy of the seed exchange donation form from the Seed Donation Instructions page, or request one from Laura Serowicz. And if you reside anywhere outside the U.S., you will also need to request copies of our Small Lots of Seed import permit and the green & yellow mailing label – which can be sent to you either electronically (for you to print in color) or by mail. This can be requested from Laura Serowicz: 15411 Woodring Street Livonia, Michigan 48154-3029 U.S.A. - or - or

DEADLINE - Seed coming from outside the U.S. should be mailed by October 15th in order to reach us in time, but if you are running slightly behind you may email Laura Serowicz a list of the seeds you are sending and then mail them as soon as possible. US members should mail their seeds in time to be received by the November 1st deadline. If you’re almost set but running slightly (only slightly) behind schedule, you can email her the list of your seeds now and then send the seeds themselves as soon as you possibly can (by first week of November at the very latest). This also applies to any seeds that ripen late in the fall: send list and all  your ripe seeds before November 1st, then send any late-ripening seeds as soon as they are ready (definitely by December 1). Thank you, to those who have already sent seed donations to the Seed Exchange. 

Check out Seed Exchange Helpful Links for links to websites and articles about seed identification, seed cleaning and seed germination. 

The Main round of seed ordering will begin December 15th, with a preview of the seed list a few days earlier. If you have not joined or need to renew your membership, now is the time to do so. You can read How the Seed Exchange Works for more details about it.

If you prefer to place your seed order by mail, send a request for the print copy of the Seed List and order form by December 1 to: Joyce Fingerut 537 Taugwonk Road Stonington, Connecticut 06378-1805 U.S.A.  Be sure to include your postal address.

You can view previous year's lists on Past Years Seed Lists page. 

If you have any questions/comments regarding the Seed Exchange send a message to Seed Exchange Director and/or Intake Manager using this contact  link. 

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