"Rock Garden Plants" section

Submitted by Lori S. on Sun, 03/02/2014 - 10:40


I would love to see the "Rock Garden Plants" section come to life again, and would like to post many photos there myself.  

Firstly, a lot of info was lost in what seemed like a rather rough transition of these photos and records from the old software to this new setup.  Does restoring this info, or taking another crack at loading it, reside anywhere within the priorities for maintaining this site?

Secondly, could the vendors of the software provide some instruction on how this section was meant to be used, as well as some instructions on how to add species, and how to add photos and records to existing species?   This would be very helpful. 

Pardon the "stream of consciousness" character of this posting, but I have figured out just now that adding photos to the "Member Photos" section is done by going to your personal page (accessed by clicking on your user name at the top right of the screen) and going to "Create Photo".  (When I attempted to add photos by using the Edit function at the Rock Garden Plants site, it only allows you to add thumbnails alongside the main photo there, but does not add them to the Member Photos area where they should be.)

I can't figure out how to add new species to the record, which seems to reside under "Create Plant" but doesn't actually seem to be possible to do.  There is a drop-down list of genera there, and the instructions say that if the desired genus is not in the list, you must "create it first here".   But how?   There is no blank entry in the drop-down list that would allow you to type in a new genus name.

Anyway, I'm sure the new system could be used effectively as a database with some instructions on how to use it.  And that brings up another point - it does seem as though this system is intended to be used as a database, which, if so,  would require someone to oversee it to ensure valid plant names are being used, that plant identities are correct, etc.. This is what Todd Boland was doing before, and this role would still need to be filled, IMO.

Has anyone else explored this area of the site?  Any advice on how to use it?



Submitted by RickR on Sun, 03/02/2014 - 14:46

Heavens, this should be one of the main purposes of the Nargs site.  It is really embarrassing that such a vital function to the life of the Society is so difficult!

(If I had a nickel for every time this site's system has been embarrassing.....)


Sorry that I am no help, Lori.

Frankly, I see new NARGS (and new NARGS Forum) as a lost cause, it's heart breaking to state that. I have mostly moved onto Facebook plant groups (everyone is there). NARGS Leadership has made a ghastly mistake with this unnecessary "make-over" exacerbated with utter lack of management and follow through.  In spite of Panayoti's wonderful attempt of invigorating NARGS online with the Facebook NARGS A-Z postings, I say RIP NARGS online.  If what I say is NARGS heresy, I'm ready to quit, they have totally and utterly blown it... thank you NARGS Leadership for sinking the ship.

Lori, I have to add, I admire your diligence with this topic, but I think it's an empty hope.  There's no one at the helm, there's no real-time interactive direction on how to address these concerns, it's a make-over without significant follow-through.