RGQ Summer 2017

Coastal Karsts
- Paul Spriggs -

A visit to the beautiful landscape and unusual plants of the unique karst formations on Vancouver Island, Canada.

Growing Hardy Cyclamen from Seed
- Margaret P. Bowditch -

A step-by-step guide to germinating and growing on this beautiful plant that is a welcome addition to any shady rock garden.

Croatan Carnivores
- Tim Alderton -

A visit to the Croatan National Forest in Eastern North Carolina, home to a wide range of fascinating, carnivorous plants.

Snowdrops at Montrose
- Nancy Goodwin -

A description of how Nancy created the legendary mass snowdrop plantings in her garden, Montrose.

Elizabeth Lawrence: The Sage of Southern Gardening 
- Andrea Sprott -

Elizabeth Lawrence is one of the great American garden writers, and this article gives some background on her life and career, and how her house and garden came to be preserved.

The Rock Gardens at the JC Raulston Arboretum
- Charlie Kidder & Tim Alderton -

The JC Raulston Arboretum is focused on finding the best plants and techniques for Southern gardeners, and this article explores the pioneering work on warm-climate rock gardens being done there.

A Natural Garden of Wondrous Diversity in the Carolinas’ Sandhills
- Larry Mellichamp -

The sandhills region of North Carolina is a botanical hotspot, and Larry takes us on a tour of the beautiful and diverse plants of the region.

Urbanite Outfitters: Installing a Crevice Garden in North Carolina
- Jeremy Schmidt -

Plant Delights Nursery is experimenting with crevice gardening in the South on a grand scale, using recycled concrete (aka urbanite) to create a beautiful, enormous new garden.