RGQ - Spring 2016

The Sierra Nevada - A Backpacker's Paradise
Accounts from long experience of backpacking the region of the flora of Redwood Canyon-Kings Canyon NP, Lake Hamilton and above, and the Eastern High Sierras.
Antics and attitude from one of those critters!
Cutting Daphnes
"I think daphne are the premier rock garden shrubs but they are usually expensive to purchase, and somewhat hard to find.... There seem to some myths that daphne are hard to propagate. I don't agree." And the author goes on to describe his methods and reflect on what the novice propagator needs to be aware of.
A Garden of Agaves in North Carolina
"One summer afternoon, my doorbell rang, and to my astonishment a reporter from Fox News asked me outside for an interview. She wanted to talk about my garden." And from this start, Michael Papay discusses the inspirations for his spectacular rock garden subjects.
Six European Treasures
The author is well known to many members - here he concentrates on just half a dozen star plants from the mountains of the Eastern Alps picking his favorites from the Dolomites and the mountains of Slovenia.
Bookshelf - Steppes
The author is a regular visitor to the mountains of North America from his home in Scotland and here he reviews the great new book authored by members of the Denver Botanic Gardens team.
An Entanglement in Agave Taxonomics
An intriguing account of the complexities and perplexities of taxonomy and the history of just one Agave species from the mid-19th century to the present day.
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