RGQ Fall 2017

Water and the Rock Garden
A summary of all the ways the water, rocks, and plants interact visually and practically in the garden.
My Rain Gardens
Bob's rain gardens in a dry climate are very different than the usual image of a rain garden, but make great habitat for a wide range of plants.
One Man’s Rubble
John shows us how he used the rubble from his neighbor's old patio to make a beautiful crevice garden.
The Plant Junkie’s Guide to Rock Garden Basics
The latest in Don's series of articles on getting starting in rock gardening.
Cushion Plants Part Four: Raoulia - Vitaliana
The last installment in this series on cushion plants for the rock garden.
Underappreciated Rock Garden Plants
Gary's picks of the best plants he thinks you all should be growing.
A Saucy Soapwort from Cyprus
A profile of an unusual soapwort, Saponaria cypria.
Adventures in Native Species Aquisition and Propagation
From native orchids to trillium to hardy cactus, Robert shows us the techniques he's used to propagate a wide range of beautiful native plants.
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