Restricted Seed

Seeds Prohibited Entry into the U.S.

by botanical name

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The above alphabet links to plant names for seeds that are restricted from entering the United States from outside the country. Some are considered invasive pests, some are endangered species, some require special treatments, and others are restricted until a pest risk assessment (PRA) can be performed (this is a literature search). If you are sending seeds to the U.S., check this list first to see whether any cannot enter the U.S. The list is arranged alphabetically by Botanical Name; "spp" means that all species in that genus may not be imported.

All information has been extracted from the USDA-APHIS-PPQ Plants for Planting ManualPlease check that web page for the most up-to-date listing. From the Table of Contents, click on Chapter 6 - Lists of Plants for Planting and search for the particular taxon in the alphabetical list. Use the alphabet bar on the right for easier navigation. 

Key to Authority abbreviations:

CITES = see the Checklist of CITES Species website  Use the search box and enter seed name to find out whether the taxon is CITES I (no seeds allowed) or CITES II or CITES III (seeds might be allowed). The CITES website has the most up-to-date list in Appendices under the Documents menu, with all taxa arranged by family; "Flora" are listed near the bottom of the page. Or check this pdf abridged CITES list for just the plants.

ESA-E = Cannot be imported; refer to the Endangered Species Act for Flowering Plants and Non-Flowering Plants. 

ESA-TEndangered Species Act-listed as Threatened; allows seeds from cultivated plants; packet must be labeled "Seeds of Cultivated Origin."

FSA = Federal Seed Act covers agricultural and vegetable seeds, which may have special restrictions and treatment requirements.

NAPPRA Not Authorized Pending Pest Risk Analysis, and may apply to a single species, a genus, or to an entire family (e.g., Poaceae, Rutaceae). 

NW = Noxious Weed in one or more states.

Parasitic = Parasitic plant list

= Treatment required for pests or diseases before allowed entry (e.g., members of Rutaceae family). We cannot cover the cost of the treatment needed at the inspection station.

Donors, please note - Seeds of all kinds when in pulp are prohibited from anywhere except Canada, due to fruit flies or other injurious pests, so remove any pulp from berry-type seeds.