Question for webmaster

Submitted by Jeddeloh on

Well, I think these questions should go to the webmaster, anyway.  At any rate I'd appreciate it if someone gets these questions to the right person because I couldn't figure out how.

Is is possible to get a number for our web traffic on a monthly basis?  Is is also possible to get a number for the web traffic for the Book of the Month section?  I ask because, as incoming Book of the Month wrangler, person in charge or whatever you want to call it, I'd like to persuade Timber Press to donate books for review.  They're located in my town (Portland, Oregon) so I figure it's worth a trip downtown to bend someone's ear.  I'm looking for information I can use to persuade them we're worthy of donations.

Also would it be possible to have a topic titled "Books, Tools and Websites" just like there are topics like "Bulbs" , "Propagation" etc?  I'm not sure what you call this level of topic but it's above what people can add themselves.  This would be a place for information about the Book of the Month club (with sticky if possible), garden related tools and gizmos and favorite websites.  This might drive more traffic to the BOM which, of course, would have a handy, dandy Amazon banner right next to it.  Sort of feeding the aquisitive gardener.

If I should send an email to someone about this just let me know who,