POLEMONIUM pauciflorum

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Grown from seed obtained from the SRGC Seed Ex and sown in January last here's ex Polemonium pauciflorum 'Sulphur Trumpets'. I planted out a group of five seedlings that have made a fine, if a little overlarge, clump. I was a little disappointed by the paucity(!) of flowers to the proportion of leaves but I have to say that up close the flowers are beautiful.

I posted these on the SRGC Forum and Trond Hoy advised me that I should plant them in a much leaner soil in order to get more flowers and less leaves.


Submitted by Mark McD on Thu, 08/22/2013 - 12:57

Hi David, your post is here, I'll go ahead and delete the duplicate topic.  Lovely Polemonium, I grew this many many years ago.

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One of my old favourites, David.  They tend to be much less leafy in my garden than the very attractive and full plants you show.   I would guess that might be related to the dry conditions here.  (As well,  I have no idea if 'Sulphur Trumpets' may possibly have been selected for particular attributes besides the contrasting colour on the flower tube, e.g. bushiness?)

Oddly enough, I don't have many pictures of them (though they grow in abundance among the ligularias along the greenhouse, and here and there elsewhere) but maybe this gives an idea of how they look here... much sparser in form and very little, if any, contrasting colour on the corolla: