Peonies 2014

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The first peony opened its flowers today. It is a seedling and the flowers isn't the best part of the plant. The leaves are early and with a reddish hue they do a better display in spring than the flowers.


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My wife, Nora, will be very happy to see you've started this thread Trond. I just bought her a Peonia tenuifolium, ( they're not cheap plants are they?surprise). I should have read the label as, returning home with my prize gift, Nora read to me that it is a three year old seedling and several years from flowering therefore, sad. So please don't post anything too beautiful and rare here!! Thank you, cheeky

I was sure I had answered your post, Ron, but I can't find it!

Anyway here are a few new pictures.......


Claire spoke of weeds.... these redflowered Paeonia delawayi have popped up as weeds in my garden! Lots of buds this year.



Paeonia lutea ludlowii is growing bigger and bigger and seeds around. I do remove scores of seedlings every year.



Paeonia emodi, P. mlokosewitschii and the yellow one from Janis Ruksans are remarkably similar except in flower colour. The leaves have the same tint of red and the first flowers open the same day!



Beautiful, Trond!

Finally, something to contribute from this area...   Paeonia anomala:

And a very early though unknown peony from the front yard:

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Thanks Lori!

But your unknown early one is probably the best!