Not arabis androsacea

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I hardly dare ask any more, since I have so many misidentified plants around :-) - but here goes. The plant that I've grown for many years, always assuming that it was Arabis androsacea (since that's how the seed it grew from was labeled), looks nothing like the real thing. While it's not a stunner, I like it for its early-spring blooms and its non-intrusive habit: just single rosettes with a single flower stalk. Can you help me put a name to it?


The seed pods will be helpful.  If you want some ideas to check out in the meantime, I'd suggest posting a link to this thread over at the SRGC forum, or I could just do so.

I've cast around through various likely (I thought) Brassicacea families and haven't come across it.

Submitted by Broekhuis on Sat, 05/23/2015 - 05:51

They have now gone through their amazing stretching thing, and look like this:

Rob, I linked your query to the SRGC forum, where there are a great number of very experienced and knowledgeable people who will probably recognize it!  I'm sure the seed pod photo will be very helpful.