NARGS Awards Recipients 2022

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NARGS Awards Recipients 2022

Presented in Ithaca, New York

Details in the Summer 2022 issue of the Rock Garden Quarterly

Awards Committee members:  Cyndy Cromwell (chair) (North Carolina), Florene Carney (Alaska), Don LaFond (Michigan), and Rosemary Monahan (Massachusetts)

Award of Merit:  Jeremy Schmidt (North Carolina)

Carleton R. Worth Award: Vojtěch Holubec (Czech Republic)

Carleton R. Worth Award: Elizabeth Lawson (New York)

Marcel Le Piniec Award:  Darrell Probst (Massachusetts)

Linc & Timmy Foster Millstream Award (Alpine Rock Garden): Bill Stark & Mary Stauble (New York)

Linc & Timmy Foster Millstream Award (Alpine Rock Garden): Chris & Jane Byra (British Columbia)

Linc & Timmy Foster Millstream Award (Special Garden): Jan Sacks & Marty Schafer (Massachusetts)

Marvin E. Black Award:  Carol Eichler (New York)

Francis Cabot Award:  Wave Hill Garden (New York)

Francis Cabot Award: Wurster Memorial Garden (New York)

Geoffrey Charlesworth Writing Prize: Kathy Purdy (New York)

Norman Singer Endowment Grant: jointly to Sean Hogan (Oregon), Kenton Seth (Colorado), Paul Spriggs (British Columbia), and Jeremy Schmidt (North Carolina)

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