Seed Exchange Distribution Status

To all our impatient NARGS seed-lovers:

Yes, we know that you are counting on our seeds to give you a taste of spring, and some hope of better days to come.

But, because of the dangers in these fraught times, the valiant volunteers in the Siskiyou Chapter, who are handling this year’s Main Distribution, will need to wait until February to begin fulfilling your orders (accepted through January 31).

And, along with the generally increased interest in gardening during these stay-at-home months, NARGS has seen a decided increase in the number of our seed orders. So, for all the above reasons, we hope that you will be patient this year, knowing that the members of the Siskiyou Chapter have worked out a way to keep our Seed Exchange operating, while also keeping the helpers safe and healthy.

NARGS members residing in Japan, the United Kingdom, and countries in the European Union will need to wait even a little longer, while the seeds going to your countries are inspected and the required phytosanitary certificates are completed.

Hang in there, please – we’re all doing our best.

We wish everyone a Happier and Healthier New Year!

Thank you.

Joyce Fingerut,
Director, NARGS Seed Exchange
Email: alpinegarden AT