NARGS Traveling Speaker: Fall 2017

NARGS Traveling Speaker

The NARGS traveling speaker this fall is Yasemin Konuralp, a botanist from Turkey, who will be giving talks on alpines, bulbs, and wildflowers of Turkey.  She will be speaking to chapters in the U.S. Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states from mid-October to early November.  Chapters include: Berkshire, Fells, Adirondack, the Tri-State meeting, Delaware Valley, and Potomac Valley.  Contact your chapter’s program chair to determine dates, times, and locations.

BNARGS BBG- MA October 14th
Fells  NH October 17th
Adirondack Cornell - NY October 21st
Tri-state Planting Fields Arboretum NY October 22nd
PBC Philadelphia PA October 26th
Delaware Valley Jenkinstown October 28th
Four Seasons Nat'l Arboretum October 30th
PVC NARGS   November 4th