NARGS Quarterlys- 2000-2014

Submitted by paulhschneider on Sat, 02/06/2016 - 10:21

To any interested members, especially new members: the time has come in my life when I have decided to start reducing the contents of my library.

         To that end, I am offering my collection of NARGS Quarterlys from 2000 -2014 for the price of postage to your location. I will weigh the collection & with your address, figure out the postage for the shipment. If interested, please e-mail me your address ( [email protected]) so I can calculate postage. First come ,first serve. This collection has been kept in a library shelf & is in perfect condition.Sadly Spring 2011 has gone missing. I hope that a new member of NARGS will benefit from these publications as I have over the years. Best regards, paul s.