Narcissus 2015

Submitted by Cockcroft on Sun, 01/11/2015 - 15:57

A new year and more flowers on a surprise bulb!  Narcissus romieuxii (or a hybrid of it) came as seeds in a trough from the 2010 NARGS winter study weekend in Portland.  The soil was used planting mix from Jane McGary.  Last year there was one flower; this year there are four with one more to open.  This is a good doer.

Narcissus romieuxii


Submitted by deesen on Sun, 02/22/2015 - 13:30

A few of mine:-

Narcissus 'Camoro'

N. jacetanus

N. jeanmonodii

N. 'Taffeta'

N. ex Nylon Group


Daffodil Season is moving up a gear here!

In the Rock Garden a couple of seedlings Hoop Petticoat Daffs are in bloom,

yellow Hoop Petticoat Daff seedling lemon Hoop Petticoat Daff seedling

And in a pot I have seedlings of a cross I made of N.'Mondieu' and another N.romieuxii,

seedlings of Narcissus 'Mondieu'



In the garden we have a small clump of one of Rod Barwick's "hybrid hoops" - this one is called 'Ianmon' 

Narcissus 'Ianmon'

nearby is a what appears to be a self-sown seedling with a much more open corona

seedling Narcissus maybe from Ianmonseedling Narcissus maybe from Ianmonseedling Narcissus maybe from Ianmon.close-up



Some more daffs in bloom now:

a tazetta (8WY), possibly an old cultivar

Narcissus tazetta cv

A recent tazetta hybrid

Narcissus tazetta hybrid

A N.cyclamineus hybrid, 'Leslie Patrick' from Col Drewitt,

Narcissus 'Leslie Patrick'

A 10 WW, raised by Rod Barwick (Glenbrook Bulb Farm, Tasmania) in his "Little Detective" series, possibly 'Kholmes' or 'Smarple'

GBF Hybrid HoopGBF Hybrid Hoop

This seedling appeared near the above but is a 10WY, and seems to be bulking up nicely,

10WY seedling hoop



Hi Lori,

the "hoops" are still going but now the "div 6's" have started! The first 3 are from Keira Bulbs in Canberra:

Narcissus KB-6YOR-1-03


Narcissus 'Papa Snoz'

Narcissus 'Papa Snoz'

Narcissus KB-6-W-P-2-08


My own crossing of Narcissus (JinglexSwagger)x N.cyclamineus.

Narc.(JinglexSwagger)x N.cyclamineus.



Submitted by Fermi on Sat, 09/05/2015 - 08:30

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Some more daffs in our garden:

Narcissus 'Decoy' x 'Swagger'

Narcissus Decoy x SwaggerNarcissus Decoy x Swagger

Narcissus fernandesii ssp cordubensis

Narcissus fernandesii ssp cordubensis

Narcissus 'Taztep'

Narcissus 'Taztep'

Narcissus 'Matador'

Narcissus 'Matador'



Hi Mark,

Taztep isn't quite a dwarf, but it's not as large as some of the other Tazettas.


you have my sympathy, I think we have the lesser Narcissus fly here but I'm hoping that the larger one hasn't made it to Australia yet!

Here are some pics from a week or so ago:

'Rapture' (6YY), a good garden daffodil and still winning prizes on the show bench

Narcissus 'Rapture' 6YY

Narcissus 'Cloth of Gold', a multi-headed type than has clumped up nicely - must remember to divide it soon!

Narcissus 'Cloth of Gold' 8YY

One of Graham Fleming's Keira Bulbs "Hybrid hoops"

 Narcissus KB-BH-10-WY,

One of Lawrence Trevanion's Apodanthe hybrids, this one is definitely a mini!

 Apodanthe hybrid narcissus



Submitted by Fermi on Fri, 10/30/2015 - 06:06

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Our last daffs have finished but these were still in bloom at the end of September

2 from Keira Bulbs, a "cyclamineus hybrid" and a Hoop,

Narcissus.KS-6WP-2-03.&. 10-YY

a mix of Jonquills from Glenbrook Bulb Farm

Narcissus."Glenbrook Jonnies" - mixed N.jonquill hybrids

A Narcissus triandrus hybrid

Narcissus triandrus hybrid