Looking for a Japanese Maple guru

Submitted by NC Wolverine on

Good Afternoon!  I am a very new member of NARGS at the time of this posting, and while the predominant interest of this community seems to be more in the nature of plants (as opposed to trees), I was wondering if there is anyone within the membership that would be willing to provide me with their opinions as to the ID of an unknown Japanese Maple that I 'rescued' several years ago from Lowe's.

I knew when I convinced the garden manager to let me have it at a very significant discount, that it was not a normal run-of-the mill Japanese maple and clearly mislabeled, but I was clueless as to its identity at the time.

Since that time I have tried in vain to figure out to my satisfaction what cultivar this tree is, and am blindly hoping that there might be that someone out there that would hold the key to uncovering its identity.

Very Best Regards,