Liliums 2016

Submitted by Fermi on Thu, 01/07/2016 - 04:43

Orient-Trumpet Lilium hybrid 'Mr Cas'

O-T. Lilium 'Mr Cas'

O-T Lilium 'Silk Road' has been a lot better in previous years but any flowers at all are bonus this year

O-T. Lilium 'Silk Road'O-T. Lilium 'Silk Road'

O-T 'Table Dance'

O-T. Lilium 'Table Dance'O-T. Lilium 'Table Dance'




Do you mean they've just shown up in your area, Claire... or that you'd just seen the first of the year?  Hateful things.  I killed a couple back in March even - they emerge on the surface of the soil on warm days - though they're out in full force now that the lilies and fritillarias are up and growing.