International Rock Garden Conference 2021

Submitted by IMYoung on Mon, 02/10/2020 - 05:30

An International Rock Garden Conference takes place every 10 years. The 9th conference will be held in Perth, Scotland, starting on Friday 7 May and finishing on Tuesday 11 May 2021.

The Venue for the conference is the prestigious Perth Concert Hall.  Further details can be found on the Perth Concert Hall website

Activities, including the plant show, lectures and meals will be held within the main auditorium.  Trade nurseries selling plants, other events and extra evening sessions will be held both in the Foyer and in smaller rooms within the complex.

Speakers so far include:

Olga Bondareva – Russian Alpines
Hamish Brown – New Zealand Alpines
Ian Christie – Scottish Alpines and Orchids
Paul Cumbleton – South African Bulbs
Marcella Ferreya - Patagonia
Jim Jermyn – European Alpines
John Massey – Hellebores and Alpines
John Mitchell – 25 years of China
Johan Nilson – Himalaya
Jiři Papoušek – Tufa and Alpines
Robert Rolfe – Alpines in Cultivation
Anne Spiegel – Anne’s Rock Garden
Paul Spriggs – Crevice Gardens
Ian Young – Bulbs in Cultivation


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There  are  various  pages  linked to that  introductory  page  to give  you  all the  details!

We  hope to  welcome you  in Perth, Scotland  in  May 2021!