Huge NARGS Book Sale - September 10, 2010 - October 31, 2010!!!

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Dear NARGS AdCom, Directors of the Board, Chapter Chairs, Editors, Web masters, Committee Chairs/Managers and others;

In follow-up to my "NARGS Book Service future" message distributed to you September 1, I am happy to announce the Book Service sale is on! Please check the NARGS website: under"Book Service" for the inventory of available books and order form; the sale will end October 31, 2010.

The sale involves a vast majority of books NARGS Book Service carries at prices which are 50% off retail prices. Excluded from the sale are NARGS self-published and co-published titles. Also, Caucasus and its Flower by V. Holubec & P. Krivka, although not listed on the sale list, is still available as a special promotion accessible through its own banner on the NARGS home page: Home page.

This is a great opportunity to acquire books at reduced prices. I want to encourage Chapters to place quantity orders and sell the books to their members at a modest markup. Of course, the sale is open to individual buyers.
To order books, print the order form located on the Book Service page (available in PDF and Word versions) and fax or snail-mail to the Book Service Manager, Jan Slater, as per information on the form. When it comes to payment, use a credit card number. Sending checks to Jan would most likely create a lot of unnecessary work for her since many of the titles are available in quantity of one copy only and Jan would have to issue many refunds.

As you already know from my previous message, after October 31, 2010, the Book Service will be re-organized. By decision of the NARGS Board, the remainder books (except for NARGS titles and Caucasus book) will be sold to a discount bookseller and the NARGS Book Service will be transformed from a compensated position into a volunteer run NARGS Publications Service which will sell NARGS published or co-published titles.

Thank you,
NARGS President