Help Wanted: Looking for volunteers to help with the new NARGS website

Submitted by Ben Burr on

The new website that is on schedule to go online in June will utilize non-technical, member initiated editorial control. This will make for a more timely and dynamic state that is responsive to our membership. We are looking for volunteers to perform near and long term work on the new site.

One of our immediate needs is for volunteers to help with a plant database that will organize all of the plant-related information on the website and, we hope, will be a useful resource to all visitors. This database is vital for search engine recognition of the site. A prototype of the database is the Rock Garden Plant Reference Table in the current WIKI pages. This database has been supplemented with a much larger list of rock garden species. We are looking for individuals who will add species characters and especially names of figures already posted on the site. Jeremy Franceschi is coordinating the database work. Please contact him at [email][email protected][/email] if you can help with the database.

In the immediate future we are seeking members to add new content and categorize existing content. Specifically:
Typing in new content.
Copying and pasting in new content.
Adding pictures to illustrate existing non-illustrated content.
Categorizing existing content.
Categorizing existing photos, one at a time.
Gathering and entering data on upcoming events, and news.
Train recruits to use the editorial tools at the website.

As soon as preliminary theming is complete, a test version of the website will go online. We are looking for members interested in testing the site as it is developed to report anomalies and make suggestions for improvement.

In the long term we need editorial managers to assist Malcolm McGregor with updating and adding content to the site. We are looking for members to assume control of specific areas of the website or to work on assigned editorial tasks.

Anyone interested in helping with near or long term editorial work or site testing please contact Ben Burr [email][email protected][/email]. Once a prototype for the new website is available we expect to be able to begin assigning editorial responsibilities.

Ultimately the NARGS website will be as good and the members make it. Please volunteer! (And don't hesitate to ask questions.)

Thank you,

Ben Burr