gladiolus byzantinus "cruentus" not the lesser gladiolus communis

Submitted by precious turtledove on Fri, 04/03/2020 - 16:12

Searching for the beautiful heirloom Mediterranean corm-forming Gladiolus Byzantinus "cruentes" summer blooming with glowing magenta flowers w/dense irislike clumps of foliage that support its heavily laden flower spikes.

All my searches for this have turned up the inferior Gladiolus Byzantinus communis which is a small, runtier form and a pale color.

If anyone knows of a specialty bulb company that handles the Gladiolus Byzantinus "cruentes", would you please let me know.  I started planning our rock garden and have a few plants and I am looking for this particular bulb to attract hummingbirds in our garden.

Thank you, Heloise L. Boudreaux