Gardening books and SRGC Journals available in Bellevue, WA, USA.

Submitted by IMYoung on Wed, 12/05/2018 - 14:05

Bev Miller, in Bellevue WA, USA  has been in touch with me to see if any SRGC  Member  is interested in  collecting  some/all of the collection of  books  on gardening  and plants and  SRGC journals  she has had  for some years, after  clearing a house. I have posted this message in the  SRGC Forum, but it  seemed to me that NARGS members might also be interested and  Bev has given me her permission to post this here, too.
Bev writes :
"I rescued as many as I could carry and store.  Now in my retirement, I am just going through the books and would love to find the a good home.
The first bag I emptied has The Journal of the Scottish Rock Garden Club. This book on top is Is Nov. 25, 1959.  I may have 50 or so of this small blue book. Do you have or know of anyone who may collect these treasures"
As I am just starting to look at what I have, I realized the books are all old and have complete series. The books are really old.
I have organized a bit more and the oldest Scottish Rock Garden is 1932 with all volumes until 1989.
Please give  my email to anyone you think may have interest. I am not racing out the door to donate them to Goodwill.  Many of these books "feel" special" and are old.
Some are signed and at least one is a numbered edition.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Bev Miller"

I will be happy to pass  Bev's email to anyone who is interested in collecting these books or journals from  Bev in Bellevue, Washington State, USA. 

You can email me  via  [email protected]