Galanthus miscellanea

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No, this topic does not describe a new species of Galanthus, it's but a miscellany of Galanthus tidbits of interest, or possibly of no interest, you'll be the judge.

I recently received an email from someone looking to write a piece about avid snowdrop collecting (Galathomania). In the correspondance she mentions an unusual connection between Galanthus and something called the Pusztai Affair. Never having heard of the Pusztai Affair, I googled; very interesting indeed:


Submitted by Mark McD on Sun, 03/17/2013 - 19:43

Regardless of a surprise blizzard dumping 18" of snow, it won't be long before snow melts and snowdrops (Galanthus), Corydalis, and Dicentra cucullaria (Dutchman's breeches) will be popping up all over.  I came across this amusing connection with beer, from a Danish beer maker that has named two beers after plants, one for Galanthus nivalis, and the other for Dicentra cucullaria; the later an odd selection in that they chose a North American plant for their specialty beer.

Amager Dicentra Cucullaria beer, a bottle of Dicentra Cucullaria from Amager Bryghus in Kastrup, Denmark.

Video Review Amager Dicentra Cucullaria (2 dudes tasting and talking beer, 6 minutes)

Amager Galanthus Nivalis beer

Well's & Young unveils "botanical" beer, July 2008. Wells and Young's Brewery has teamed up with The Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew to launch a new beer in the UK.

The article mentions John Lonsdale; but is this the same John Lonsdale of Edgewood Gardens in Pennsylvania, or perhaps a different person by the same name?
John Lonsdale, head of public programmes and curatorial support, said: "Kew is working to increase and share our acquired knowledge of plants, their potential uses and the importance that they have on surrounding biodiversity. As Kew approaches its 250th Anniversary in 2009, we are delighted to be working with our longstanding supporters, Wells and Young's."

Under the heading: You can buy anything you want on eBay:

Possibly for  Mark McDonough's Christmas list:  (or not?)

Happy Holidays - All

Charles Swanson


Excellent idea Charles, I want one of these!  Here's a couple more, one to add to the galanthus topic, and another as a way to advertise NARGS :-)


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I've had this one on my vehicles for many years.  It reads:

King Solomon

The 1st Botanist

That's a funny one Rick, had to go look up what King Soloman was all about, very interesting indeed, although he was certainly down on wine.

[quote=Mark McD]

That's a funny one Rick


No, no! Truth.

1Kings 4:33

He [King Solomon] described plant life, from the Cedar of Lebanon to the hyssop that grows out of the walls.

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Yes, I probably didn't make it clear in my response, I did google King Soloman and found out he was involved in many arts and sciences, that he was a

"Botanist, Zoologist, Ornithologist, Herpetologist and Ichthyologist"

Had to look up what a Herpetologist is, now I know, but I'm not telling :-)